Why Get Climate Control Storage Unit?

Whether you’re choosing an indoor or outdoor facility, one of the options you need to think about is climate control storage. This is very important in certain parts of the country, like North Dakota, or for certain items that may warp, melt, or become brittle when exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity.

What Is Climate Controlled Storage?

A climate controlled storage facility is one that offers up a constant temperature and humidity level to help protect your items. Although things like appliances, plastic boxes, and even some furniture may not require it, other items – including things like antique furniture and fine art – certainly do. When exposed to extreme temperatures and fluctuating humidity levels, wood can warp and paint can crack. That’s why so many people opt for climate control when it comes to their storage units.

Which Facilities Offer Climate Control?

Storage facilities, like ourselves, offer climate controlled storage units. In these cases, you’ll take your items through a main entry into a building and through a hallway until you reach your unit. Because the units are contained inside a building, it’s far easier to control the climate and humidity levels, which remain constant around the clock. Most facilities also have backup generators to maintain that climate, even in the event of a power outage.

When to Consider It

Certain types of items can benefit tremendously from climate controlled storage. For example, most wooden musical instruments – especially guitars – will warp when exposed to changing temperature and humidity levels. The same can be said for things like antique furniture. Along those same lines, the paints used in fine art can melt or crack when exposed to heat or cold, and humidity can ruin your precious photo albums. Climate controlled storage is the best possible choice when storing anything that can benefit from a constant temperature year-round.
Climate controlled storage is typically indoor, which means you’ll also have access to more security than with a typical outdoor, non-controlled unit. This is especially helpful for particularly expensive items, such as jewelry, fine art, antiques, and more. Consider climate control for all of your valuable or fragile items.

Other Considerations

Climate-controlled units are typically more expensive than conventional storage spaces, but the additional cost is offset by the renter’s reassurance that his or her belongings are protected from seasonal temperature shifts. If items are sturdy and durable, traditional storage units may be adequate, but for delicate and sensitive items, climate control storage is the ideal solution.

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