The Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage Units


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While normal self-storage units are adequate for most household and yard items, they’re not always right for delicate items such as electronics, fine art, musical instruments and antiques. If a renter plans to put such items in storage, they should consider renting a climate-controlled unit. In the sections below, renters can learn some of the biggest benefits of climate control storage units.


Reliable Protection from Temperature Extremes

In some areas, temperatures can exceed 100 degrees in the summer and fall significantly below freezing during winter. If a renter lives in a location with wide temperature swings, they should take steps to protect their valuables from damaging effects. Sensitive items such as antiques and wooden furniture can be split, cracked or warped during temperature changes, and other items such as business papers and books can be ruined as well.


Humidity Controls

When the seasons change, so does indoor humidity. If a renter’s items are not shielded from high or low humidity, they can be seriously damaged or even destroyed. Most climate control storage units have humidity controls, to prevent items from rotting, cracking or warping. Similarly, units without humidity controls can stay damp during spring and fall, which can encourage the growth of mildew.


Better Air Quality

Air quality is a commonly overlooked aspect of self-storage. Standard units are not sealed as well as climate-controlled units; because air in such units is circulated constantly, it stays clean and debris-free whether items are stored for a month or a year. For storage of documents and electronics, air quality should be a primary consideration.


Protection from Pests and the Elements

Climate-controlled storage units are inside buildings with insulated and sealed roofs, floors and walls, so they’re less vulnerable to tracked-in mud and flooding. Because the units are indoors, there is less likelihood of infestation and damage from insects and rodents.


Other Considerations

Climate-controlled units are typically more expensive than conventional storage spaces, but the additional cost is offset by the renter’s reassurance that his or her belongings are protected from seasonal temperature shifts. If items are sturdy and durable, traditional storage units may be adequate, but for delicate and sensitive items, climate control is the ideal solution.

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Traditional units are very convenient, especially if you’ve got bulk items or lots of items that you need stored. As long as you do not need protection from the weather, traditional units will be more economical than their indoor counterparts, and you’re certain to have more than enough space.

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Climate Control
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Climate controlled storage units keep indoor temps and humidity constant. It’s like having air conditioning in the summer, heat in the winter and humidity control year-round. While the cost may be a little more, the protecting your items from damage is top of line.

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