Traditional Storage Units

Store your bulk items conveniently

Traditional storage units are very convenient, especially if you’ve got bulk items or lots of items that you need stored. As long as you do not need protection from the weather, traditional units will be more economical than their indoor counterparts, and you’re certain to have more than enough space.

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Climate Control
Storage Units

Protect your items from the elements

Climate controlled storage units keep indoor temps and humidity constant. It’s like having air conditioning in the summer, heat in the winter and humidity control year-round. While the cost may be a little more, the protecting your items from damage is top of line.

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Size Guide

Find out how much space you need

It’s difficult to know how much space you need when storing your belongings. We’ve compiled some simple ways to match the correct storage size to your needs. Read our Size Guide to help determine the right amount of space you need to store your bulk items.

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Understanding the Different Types of Self Storage to Make the Most Effective Decision

Many times, when a family or business relocates, they don’t have enough space at the new location to move all of the belongings at one time. The ideal solution to this problem is to use self storage units. There are a couple different storage types and it’s important to understand them all in order to choose the right one for the property that will be stored inside. Deciding between a traditional or climate controlled storage unit and choosing the proper size are important to a successful experience.

The type of storage that is best will depend on what will be stored inside the unit. Belongings that can withstand temperature fluctuations might be fine in a traditional unit. These types of self storage are cheaper because they are outside and don’t have climate control. The outdoor units often have drive-up access to make it easy to load and unload property. While other storage facilities are slightly less secure, we provide 24 hour security and video monitoring for all of our storage units.

Climate controlled storage is ideal for individuals and businesses that need to store wood or leather furniture, artwork, musical instruments, photos, documents or electronics. These indoor storage units offer better protection than traditional units, ensuring the items inside don’t get too hot or too cold. Since temperature fluctuations can damage valuable property, it’s worth it to spend extra to secure a climate control storage unit, regardless of the amount of time the property will need to be stored. Since most people underestimate the length of time they’ll use the storage unit, opting for climate control will keep the stored items in good condition.

Storage units also come in various sizes. A typical self storage unit is eight feet tall so furniture can be turned on its side and several boxes can be stacked on top of each other. The smallest units are about the size of a closet and the largest can store the contents of a four bedroom house. Knowing the right size before signing a contract can help a business or individual who needs long or short term storage save some money.