Storage Tips You Should Always Follow when Packing a Storage Unit

If you live in Mandan or Bismarck ND you might be running out of space in your apartment or home. Maybe you’re going to be out of the country for a few months. Maybe you’re just not ready to get rid of your grand piano and all the lawn gnomes you’ve collected over the past few years. Getting a storage unit would be the smartest thing for you to do, but you don’t want to deal with the headache of rummaging through a storage unit when you need something. Follow these tips to keep your storage unit organized, and you don’t have to worry about losing all your knick-knacks.


Pack Strategically

If you’re storing smaller items, your best option is to use moving boxes. You can approach packing your items in one of two ways.

One option is to can keep like items together. Not only does this make labeling easier, but let’s say it’s summer now, and you want to retrieve your seasonal clothes. It’s a lot easier to take home one box than to open up a bunch of different ones.

Another option is to pack items by the way they fit together, so you can maximize the space in your storage unit. In this case, you might want to place a layer of blankets or clothing at the bottom of a box, then some dishware, then another layer of blankets…This way you save space on packing material. In another case, you might want to place jewelry containers in the same package as your toolbox because of the similar shapes. Just remember to label everything!


Labels Labels Labels

It might be obvious to label the items in your box by category, but you can always be more thorough. If you have miscellaneous items in a box, rather than label it “misc.,” make a short list of the items in the box. This way, it won’t be a guessing game later.

If you are planning to stack many boxes, use brightly colored tape to mark your boxes. If your storage unit is for your whole family, put their names on their respective boxes.

Don’t think labels are enough? Make a list of the items you have in your unit. This way, you can be sure of what you have in the unit rather than questioning it when you need something. For a larger storage unit, consider drafting a map of your items. If you know exactly where your items are, you won’t waste your time and energy shuffling through random boxes where your Christmas ornaments might be.


Create a Walking Path

Stack your boxes against the walls of your storage unit, and try not to crowd the center. This might be harder as you accumulate items in your unit, but always keep a clear walking path in mind. It’s a lot easier to retrieve items when there’s space for you to move.


Fill Your Unit Mindfully

Just as it’s practical to pack your boxes strategically, you should have a strategy to packing your storage unit. Think about the items that will be coming and going the most frequently. You want these items to be closest to the entrance of your unit.

Now you can organize the rest of your items by size and weight. Keep heavy or awkward items like furniture and mattresses in the back of the storage unit, behind other items. It’s easier to move light items to access a heavy item.

Additionally, if you can make any of your large items smaller, do it. A lot of furniture is easy to disassemble and some foam mattresses can be rolled or folded up. Not only does reducing these items allow you to maximize on space, but you might also find that these items are easier to move in and out of the unit.

Keep these tips in mind, so storage unit nightmares are a thing of the past!




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