Storage Facility Security Features You Should Know

Storage Security

When you rent a storage unit, you’re not only getting a place to put your things; you’re getting important facility security features. Storage security is very important to many people, and this is particularly true if storing valuable items such as antique furniture, jewelry, fine art, or even business documents. The level of storage security available to you varies from company to company, so it’s important to research carefully to ensure that you get the level of security you want or expect. Here are some important storage unit facility security features you should know about and how they work.

Outdoor Facilities

When it comes to outdoor facilities, which are the type that allow you to drive your car or truck right to the door for loading or unloading, there are usually three different types of security options available.

  • Video Monitoring – In most outdoor storage facilities, the premises are monitored by video surveillance. This means that, should someone break into a storage unit, it’s possible to go back through the video and pinpoint the criminals.


  • On-Site Security – Some facilities offer on-site security, as well. During the daytime, this may be as simple as the owner in the office watching as people come and go through video monitors. During the night, these companies sometimes hire security guards to patrol the facility.


  • Gate Security – Finally, outdoor storage facilities typically are guarded with controlled gated access. The entry gate requires each person entering or leaving to input their unique identification number. This helps ensure only people with access can enter the storage facility.


Indoor Facilities

Indoor facilities typically offer the best storage security due to their enclosed natures. Because everyone must enter and exit through a common door, most facilities place cameras at the entrance and require their clients to swipe a magnetic passkey or enter a unique code. Some facilities keep staff on-site at all hours of the day, as well, which provides even more peace of mind. Not all indoor facilities offer the same level of security, but it is safe to say that these are inherently safer than their outdoor counterparts – especially when it comes to storing valuable items.

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