Storage Unit Size Guide


Determine How Much Space is Needed

Our storage unit size guide is here to help determine the space you need for storage. Since units come in a wide variety of sizes, it may be difficulty to choose the right size. Some offer roughly the same amount of space as the average closet. While others can safely store the contents of an entire home. When deciding what kind of unit to rent, the first step is to take inventory of everything that will need to be stored. Be sure to take measurements of any furniture or large appliances, and don’t forget to measure in three dimensions. Many of these larger, bulkier items can be stored on their side for increased space efficiency.
Once a general inventory has been taken, it’s time to consider options. Below is a brief run-down of common reasons that people rent storage units, and some tips on how to choose the right size.


Removing Clutter From an Existing Home or Office

When the primary use of the unit will be to store boxes of office documents, books, keepsakes, or other household items, a smaller unit is usually sufficient. A 5×5 unit is about the size of a closet, and can accommodate numerous boxes stacked on top of each other.


Moving to a New Apartment

Many storage unit renters take advantage of the extra space to facilitate moves. Contents of a studio apartment can typically fit in a 5’x10′ unit. This size is ideal for larger mattresses, numerous boxes, small kitchen appliances, and some furniture. A two or three bedroom apartment will likely require more storage space. 10’x10′ units can be used to store everything from king mattresses to refrigerators, dining room furniture, and entertainment centers. This is usually enough space to accommodate the contents of an entire condo.


Renovating a House

When families choose to renovate an existing house instead of moving to new ones, they often move into furnished temporary lodgings. As a result, they may require storage for furniture and keepsakes alike, so a larger unit will be necessary. A 10×15 space can usually accommodate the entire contents of a small home, including large furniture and appliances, and even full dining-room sets. This is ideal for renovations. Exceptionally large homes may require a 10×20, or even a 10×30 unit. One advantage of renting a larger space is that it will allow for more room to move around should individuals or families require easy access to their belongings.

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