If a Self-Storage Company Doesn’t have these Features–Run!

You care about your items, and you want to make sure you find a good place to store them to keep them safe. It can be tough to know what to look for when you’re choosing the self-storage company that’s right for you. If you need help finding the right self-storage unit in Bismarck ND call us today at 701-751-3038.


There are a few features that go across the board, and should be considered no matter what your unique needs are. Here is a list of things that you should look for in a self-storage company before packing up!




You want to make sure you’re leaving your items in a facility that is well-maintained, and this can be easily judged from a first impression. If the management office and indoors spaces are clean and organized, it’s easier to believe that the units are maintained in a similar fashion. Office organization is important because you want to make sure that you’ll have easy access to any documentation related to your storage unit.


A Pest Free Environment


Nothing’s worse than leaving a bag of clothes and a box of family photos in your storage unit only to later find that your belongings have been soiled by rats or insects. If you notice any pests scurrying around the storage facility, there’s no telling what might get into your stuff. At this point, you should probably just leave and find a new facility.


Accommodating Management


Whenever you’re looking into a new service, it’s important for management to accommodate your needs so that you’re comfortable with your service and get exactly what you need. When you’re moving things into a storage unit, the last thing you want to deal with is ineffective communication or a cranky manager. Make sure you feel comfortable with a facilities management before trusting them with your personal belongings.


Active Security


Whether you’re storing your great grandmother’s jewels or all of your Christmas decorations, you don’t want to lose your items to thieves. Your self-storage facility should have a working security system whether it’s a team of security guards or a system of alarms and cameras. You want to know that your items are safe.


Insurance Policy


Not all storage facilities offer insurance, but it’s definitely something you should look into, especially if you’re storing valuable items. Even after checking for good security and a pest free environment, anything

can happen. Insurance offers you compensation in the case of a random accident as well as peace of mind.


A Payment Plan that Works for You


It’s always best to choose a self-storage facility that’s within your budget, but you should also take a moment to read the fine print. In some cases, storage facilities will remove your items from your unit if you a late of payments. Some will even go so far as to selling your items. You want to make sure that you are signing on with a facility that offers a payment policy that you are comfortable with.


Not all self-storage facilities are the same, so it’s important for you to do your research before choosing the one that has the lowest rates or is closest to your home. Make sure the facility offers all of the accommodation that make you comfortable. If you need help finding the right self-storage unit in Bismarck ND call us today at 701-751-3038.


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