5 Things to Look Out for When Purchasing a Storage Unit

If you are in need of a storage unit, you may be tempted to choose the least expensive facility. Not so fast-there are way more things to consider aside from price. You have a lot of money tied up in your possessions, and need to ensure they will be well protected when they are out of your control. Here are five things to look out for that will let you know whether or not that is the case.


#1. Security

The last thing you want is to worry that your storage unit will be broken into. While no facility is 100% safe, the odds are greatly reduced if it is fully fenced and contains an electronic gate that requires a code to access. The use of lighting and security cameras will also deter would-be criminals, as will solid steel doors and high quality locks on individual units.


#2. Maintenance

When visiting a storage facility, notice how well maintained the grounds are. Look for things such as broken pavement, tall weeds, or peeling paint, all of which can indicate a lack of maintenance. This is problematic because your goods could suffer damage from structural deficiencies such as a collapsed roof, or even a fire due to faulty electrical wiring. Ideally, a self-storage location should have just as much curb appeal as you would expect from any home you might consider renting or buying.


#3. Pest Control

Poor maintenance can lead to another problem-pest damage. Holes in drywall can leave openings for rodents that might later make nests in your personal belongings. And if dumpsters are not emptied often enough, your odds of attracting roaches, silverfish, or other insects increases dramatically. Any well-run storage operation will take reasonable precautions against insects and rodents, in addition to having regularly scheduled pest control inspections and exterminations.


#4. Access

Just because you want belongings out of your way does not necessarily mean you do not want easy access when and if the need arises. It’s important to note that not all facilities are accessible 24 hours per day. You’ll want to know what the access hours are as well as the procedures for resetting your code in the event you are locked out. The process should be relatively easy, yet contain reasonable safeguards to prevent an authorized person from taking away your access.


#5. Facility Operations

How the facility operates can determine how secure your belongings are as well. For example, you’ll want to know if management regularly visits the site, and if so how often. Avoid facilities where management is difficult to get ahold of or avoids answering your questions directly. Remember that the type of service you receive when you sign your contract is a good indication of how well you will be treated afterwards.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when choosing the right self-storage unit. All of them are equally important, so make it a point not to settle for anything less and you will not be disappointed.

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