How to Package up Your Items for Storage Units

Finding a storage unit in Mandan or Bismarck North Dakota can be stressful with so many choices available. Not only do you need to find a facility near your home, but you also need to make sure it follows your size requirements and price range. The last thing you need to worry about is how you’re going to store everything. Here are a few tips to make packing up your storage unit a little bit easier.


Make a List

Storage units can be overwhelming, but it can be worse if you don’t really know what you have in it. Save yourself the trouble of shuffling through random boxes before you store your items by creating a working list of the items you should have in your unit. By keeping a list of items, you’ll have a definitive sheet to refer to if you’re looking for something. If you’re storing important or insured items in your unit, you’ll have a record of your items in case something is missing or damaged.


Pro tip: keep revising your list every time you make a visit to the unit! You might even want to make a copy for the inside of the unit and one for you to refer to at home.

If you’re particularly concerned about losing track of your items, it might be helpful to draw a little map for your items. You want to make trips to your storage unit stress-free and quick, so every little detail that you can jot down will help you in the end.


Use Boxes

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their storage unit is placing their items in unclosable baskets or scattering items individually. It might seem easier to not have to open boxes to find items, but ultimately, boxes keep your items protected and organized. Try to keep like items together, so organization is easier.

Also, remember to label these boxes thoroughly. If everything that is inside the box is listed on the outside of the box, you’ll save a lot of time when retrieving items. Instead of labeling items “clothes,” you might want to be more specific. “Winter clothes,” is better, but you could even make a short list of what’s inside like “3 jackets, snow boots, 5 sweaters.” If you are storing items for multiple people, it’s also helpful to write names on the boxes.


Take Things Apart

If you’re storing furniture, this is one of the most important steps for you. Many pieces of furniture, like office chairs and desks, are built so that you can easily disassemble them. Taking these items apart will help you maximize the space in your storage unit while making things easier to move.

If your furniture comes with small pieces like screws and nuts, try storing them in sandwich bags and taping them to a piece of the furniture (i.e. a leg or tabletop). If the disassembled furniture is small enough, you can even stack pieces in boxes.


Be Mindful of Fragiles

Your items may be stationary in your storage unit, but between moving and random accidents, it’s always better to keep your fragile items will packaged. Treat glassware, china, and mirrors the same way you would if you were moving across the country. Make sure these items are wrapped in newspaper, bubble wrap, or any other packing material.


Pro tip: if you’re storing clothing, blankets, or pillows, these can either replace packing material or act as a second layer of defense for your fragiles. Packing them together not only keeps your fragiles safe, but can also be more space efficient than packing them separately.

Next time you’re going through your storage unit or if you’re renting a new one, remember these tips, so you get the most out of your unit.


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