How to Properly Organize Your Storage so it Doesn’t Topple Over

One of the best ways to save money and space when it comes to your storage unit is proper organization. Your goal should involve maximizing the space that’s available to you while avoiding injury or damage to your property. It’s quite possible to stack your items safely, even if loading your storage unit feels like a game of Tetris. Here are some ways to organize your storage properly so you can prevent toppling, damage, and injury.


Put Larger and Heavier Items Closer to the Floor

When you go to the grocery store, there’s a good chance that you put your heaviest, most solid items at the bottom of your cargo space and your lightest, most fragile items, such as bread and eggs, toward the top. That’s because the heavier objects can safely support the weight of the lighter ones, and you won’t have to worry about your fragile items getting crushed under heavy ones, either. You should think of your storage unit in much the same way. Place heavy, solid furniture, storage tubs, and boxes on the bottom and then use this space to stack lighter objects, making sure the very lightest and most fragile ones are toward the top of the area.


Don’t Rely on Objects to “Brace” Others

A common mistake many people make when it comes to organizing storage space involves using large, heavy objects to “brace” others into place. For example, if you have a precarious stack of boxes along one wall, you might choose to use a sofa or other large item to keep them from toppling over. Though this may work for the time being, there’s always the off chance you’ll forget about the unbalanced stack when you move the sofa later, and this may result in injury or loss of property. When organizing your storage, make sure each stack is supported without relying on the stack next to it or some other object wedged against it.


Fully Pack Boxes and Tubs

The boxes themselves will also play an important role in your ability to properly organize your storage so it doesn’t topple over. It’s important to ensure that your cardboard boxes and plastic tubs are filled if they are to support the weight of boxes above them. A partially-filled box or tub may collapse under the weight of items on top, and if this occurs toward the bottom of a stack, the risk of loss or injury is great. For this reason, make sure you’ve filled the boxes as much as possible so the weight is distributed more evenly throughout.


Label Your Boxes and Tubs

Finally, another great way to properly organize your storage unit involves labeling your boxes, totes, and tubs appropriately with their contents. This will help you make on-the-fly decisions about which items should be placed in which part of the unit. Make sure they’re labeled clearly with the labeled side of the box or tote facing outward; this will prevent you from having to dig through the items to determine their contents. Furthermore, a tote filled with books can support more weight than a tote filled with bedding, so having this information available to you can help you make quicker decisions.


While a storage unit can be beneficial whether you’re moving, remodeling, or simply out of space for seasonal items, it’s important to stack it properly to prevent damage to your property or injury. The tips shown here will help you optimize your space in such a way that you can store things safely.

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