The Top 8 Reasons for Using Local Self Storage


The one thing that is in short supply in most people’s homes is storage space. It might have looked as though there was room to store a lot of stuff when the home was still vacant. Somehow, stuff seems to expand to fill all the available storage space – and then some. There’s an easy solution – local self storage storage.

Why do people need self storage in bismarck, North Dakota and the surrounding counties? Here are the top 8 reasons for renting a convenient and inexpensive local self storage unit.


1. Selling Your House

Real estate agents always say to de-clutter and remove personal items. Move excess furniture and the boxes in the spare room to a self storage unit.


2. In Between Moves

The ideal situation is to close on the new home and the old home on the same day, but it seldom works out that way. Use local self storage to store everything for as long as necessary.


3. Unforeseen Circumstances

When melting ice and snow floods the basement, move it all to a self storage unit.


4. Renovations

Everyone loves the new look when the renovations are complete, but no one loves the process. Make life a little easier by storing everything that’s going to be in the way.


5. Retirement

Down-sizing makes life simpler except for finding a place for all the excess stuff. The kids may want it, but aren’t always in a hurry to pick it up.


6. Divorce

After a divorce, many people move into smaller places. Secure self storage gives them a place to put belongings that they don’t have room for right now, but don’t want to sell or give away.


7. Business Storage

Many businesses use self storage for boxes of documents that may be needed for tax purposes in the future. These storage units are also great places to store excess office furniture, computers and other equipment that isn’t needed at the moment.


8. Seasonal Storage

Storage units are handy places to stash snow blowers, lawn mowers, lawn furniture, sports equipment and other items only used for part of the year.


There are usually different size units available. If you’re not sure what size unit you’ll need, just ask. Climate-controlled units may also be available. Whatever you need to find a temporary home for (excluding the kids and pets!), 34th Street Self Storage is ready to help you out.



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