Don’t Ever Put These Important Items in a Moving Truck

Moving can be an incredibly chaotic event–random items thrown into boxes, bags and bags of clothing, and folders of papers you didn’t even know you had anymore. When you’re running out of time to move, you make decide to start tossing everything into the moving truck without a second thought. You definitely need to be careful what you put into your truck. Here are a few items that should not go into a moving truck.

Official Documents and Valuable Items

For items like credit cards and your driver’s license, there’s no reason to take them out of your wallet and put them into the truck. Other items like checkbooks, social security cards, passports, laptops, and tablets should stay with you while you move. In the case that you lose the items in your moving truck, you want to be sure you have your essentials. Also, if you pack them away with the rest of your belongings, it might take a while to recover them in a sea of moving boxes.


As per U.S. law and general safety concerns, you don’t want to pack away items that could catch fire or cause explosions in your moving truck. Minor traffic collisions happen all the time, but you are increasing your risk if you pack flammables. Items to avoid include oil, gasoline, spray paint, charcoal, aerosol, lighter fluid, bleach or ammonia based cleansers, and nail polish remover. Fortunately, most of these items are inexpensive and easy to replace.

You never want to put your ammunition or guns in the back of a moving truck. Not only is it illegal per the Department of Transportation, but you never know what might happen. Placing a gun in an unstable environment such as a moving truck increases the risk of an accident.


It may not seem like a big deal to put your hamster cage or covered fish tank in the back of a moving truck, but you’ll run the risk of hurting your pet or it getting loose in the back of the truck. Temperatures in the back of a moving truck might be deadly, depending on the time of year. With all of the sliding and shifting that happens in the back of a moving truck, you never know what might fall on your pet. Keep your pets up front with you! It’s also better to have company on a long drive.


If you’re moving to a new state, many state regulations prevent the transport of certain plants because you might introduce invasive species into the local ecology. In the space of the moving vehicle, potted plants are simply a hazard. Pots break easily, and loose dirt can make its way into nearly anything. If you can avoid bringing plants with you, it’s better to just get some new ones in your new home.

It’s time to get packing, but keep these tips in mind! You want to be sure you’ll have a safe and easy move, and we do too.


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