5 Important Features in Storage Unit Security

When it is time to store personal items, storage unit security is a primary concern for many individuals. If you are reserving a unit for the first time and do not know which security features are available, here is a list of what we offer for secure storage and safety

A Secure Perimeter

One of the first things you will notice is our storage facility has a perimeter that prevents unauthorized access to the property. We took extra measures and constructed a high fence. The high walls will deter unauthorized access due to the difficulty of scaling the wall and the clear visibility through the fence.

Key Code Access

Our storage facility has key code access at the gate. The gate code access prevents unauthorized vehicle access while maintaining a road block deterring vehicles from entering without a code. Because each code is unique to the person renting the unit, you can be assured that anyone coming or going is doing so with their own designated code.

Storage Unit Locks

While we do not provide storage locks with the rental of each unit, we do offer conventional locks for your storage unit. It is always advised to make sure you have a strong and sturdy lock on a storage unit at all times.


Our modern video surveillance system is recording 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With cameras at the main gate and in other locations throughout the facility, the staff and management will be able to see everything that goes on. Our recordings have a time-stamped visual confirmation of comings and goings that offer an unbeatable level of assurance and protection.

Every facility has different security features, and customers should do their research before choosing a unit. By learning about the various security features at each facility, a client can walk away from the process with the reassurance of knowing their belongings are safe and secure while being stored off-site.

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