Filling Your Closets vs Self-Storage– What Makes More Sense?

People often opt out of having a self-storage unit because they’d rather keep all of their items in their closets, garage, or attic. In some cases, it might be easier to keep everything at home for accessibility and safety purposes, but if things are spilling out of your closets and your house is feeling smaller than it actually is, it might be time to think about a storage unit.


Here are a few signs that it’s time to start looking into renting a self-storage unit.


You’re Scared to Open a Closet


You’ve seen it all the TV shows. Someone needs to clean up quickly, so they shove everything into a closet, but when they open the closet, piles of things avalanche out. You don’t want that to be your reality, and sometimes, it starts looking pretty close.


If you can’t comfortably navigate your closet, and you’d rather live without the things inside that try to dig, it might be a better idea to keep some of those items in storage. When the holidays roll around, you don’t want to be swimming in miscellaneous items just to reach your decorations in the back of the closet.


You Own Something Huge, but You Only Need it Sometimes


It might be a spare mattress or an old dining table that you don’t need right now. It might even be a car that’s out of commission before you get a chance to fix it up. There are a number of things that you might not want to throw away, but you just don’t have the space for it. A self-storage unit is perfect for cases like these.


Seasonal items are also important to consider when you’re looking into self-storage. If you have a huge stash of fishing gear or outdoor sporting equipment (snowboards, small vehicles, boating items, etc.), you don’t need it every weekend, but it would be impractical to throw out these things. That’s when a storage unit really comes in handy. You can keep your items safe from weather damage without taking up space in your home.


No Car Space in Your Parking Garage


We often think of our garages as extra space for storage, but really, you should be able to park your cars comfortably in the garage between the stored items. Once you’ve reached capacity in the garage, and your cars don’t seem to fit anymore, you know it’s time to figure out a better way to store your things.


Keeping Things Neat, Especially When Selling


If you’re thinking about selling your house, a self-storage unit would really come in handy. Studies show that homes sell for more if they are clutter free and clean, but just because you’re moving doesn’t mean that you can just trash all of your stuff.


Store unnecessary belongings in a storage unit and maybe even some furniture. Your closet spaces will appear larger, and the home will look well-maintained.


In an effort to save money, we don’t often consider the impact that a self-storage unit can have on our daily lives. Not only can renting a unit remove clutter from your home, but you can be assured that your items are safe and ready for you to use whenever you need them. Sometimes, renting a storage unit just makes sense. If you need help finding the right self-storage unit in Bismarck ND call us today at 701-751-3038.


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