With Burglars Eyeing Storage Facilities with Poor Security, 34th Street Storage is the Answer

Burglars and thieves can be found in every small town across the country, and Madan, North Dakota is certainly no exception. One of their prime targets is self-storage facilities that offer little to no real security. Fortunately, 34th Street Storage serves Madan and Bismarck, North Dakota with a facility designed to keep your items safe. Here are five ways 34th Street Storage works hard to protect your unit.


#1 – Modern Video Surveillance

The company records everything that happens on their property all day, every day, even in the middle of the night. There are cameras placed at the main gates and in random places throughout the property. Should something happen, one of the owners or management staff will know. The best part is that the recordings have a visual and accurate timestamp for additional protection that comes in handy for anyone who needs to start an investigation into a theft or robbery.


#2 – Locking Units

Each one of the storage units contains a conventional lock, and you have the option to use a storage lock alongside it. This will provide you with a second layer of protection since thieves will have to get through two locks to get to your items. With those measures in place, 34th Street Storage is the last facility burglars want to visit; they know they will likely struggle to get through the locks, and the cameras will discover them long before they do.


#3 – Secure Perimeter

34th Street Storage also offers a well-built and maintained perimeter designed to keep trespassers off the property. A high fence serves as the perfect deterrent to those who cannot enter through the main gate, and this means there are fewer ways for people to access your storage unit. Though on-site security is not available, the high fence does a great job of keeping people out.


#4 – Access via Keycode

When you arrive to drop off or pick up items, you will come through a main gate that opens only after you’ve entered a user-specific keycode. This keycode changes with every new customer, so the same code is never provided twice. This means that people cannot climb the fence, and they cannot get through the gates without a user-specific code generated only for paying customers.


#5 – Prosecution of Trespassers

Finally, as shown by the measures taken by 34th Street Storage to keep your items safe, the owners and managers take your safety and your items very seriously. Should someone manage to breach our intensive security systems, the company will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law by pressing charges, facilitating court cases where necessary, and being there for its customers.

34th Street Storage is the go-to storage facility for anyone in the Bismarck or Madan areas in ND. The company has taken extra steps and gone the extra mile to keep burglars and thieves off the property, and they have protocols in place for handling security breaches, as well.

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